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Featured Guest - Ken Sagoes

Ken Sagoes made a lasting impression in “NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET III: DREAM WARRIORS” as the tough talking, cynical, and wise beyond his years Roland Kincaid. As “Kincaid”, his character truely talks the talk, AND walks the walk! As one of the three “Dream Warriors” to live to see the end of “ELM STREET 3”, Ken is in the history books as being the first African-American to survive a major horror film and to live to return in it’s sequel. Sadly for his character Kincaid, we all know what happens to the majority of the characters who survive a horror film and return in it’s sequel (Laurie Strode, Ripley, and Alice Johnson not withstanding).He followed tenure on “ELM STREET” with roles in features such as “PROJECT X” (1987), “ROSEWOOD” (1997), and “INTOLERABLE CRUELTY” (2003), and on Television including “MARTIN”, “NIGHT COURT”, “MAD TV”, and “MY SO-CALLED LIFE”. Ken is also a successful writer having written for both Television and Features. His work as writer includes “ON PROMISED LAND” (1994), and “UP AGAINST THE 8 BALL” (2004).As a Stand-up comic, Ken has performed at the world famous Apollo Theater in New York, the Comedy Store in Hollywood, Maria Gibbs' Memory Lane and other night clubs across the county. As a stage actor, Ken is most proud of his role as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the stage play “THE MEETING”.

During Ken's time meeting with fans at our convention, he will also have copies of his books available for signing.


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