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TERMS & CONDITIONS:  The resale of tickets is prohibited.  Sinister Creature Con reserves the right to cancel any tickets that have been resold.


OUTSIDE PROMOTIONS:  Flyering or promotional activities at Sinister Creature Con is prohibited without written permission from the event producers.

It is very important that you read and understand these policies; they’ll be posted at the convention as well, but anyone who attends Sinister Creature Con is expected to follow these rules.


Convention Policies for Attendees, Exibitors, & Press



We will follow all city / state mandates as it concerns Covid - 19.  Presently, masks are optional indoors.  We will have hand sanitizer stations throughout the venue.  Some guest may require masks to be worn before approaching their table and their liaison will let you know if this is the case.


Disruptive Behavior Policy

Your registration at Sinister Creature Con entitles you to enjoy the primary benefit of that registration: you get to attend Sinister Creature Con! It does not entitle you access to staff only areas.  


We work very hard to ensure that Sinister Creature Con takes place in a safe environment and we need your cooperation. We have policies to address specifics such as weapons and lost children. We also have a general policy that we do not tolerate disruptive behavior of any sort, and we can and will take action when we see something we feel is dangerous or disruptive. The type of action we take may range from a quiet but stern word in private to forcible ejection from the convention, revocation of your registration at Sinister Creature Con, or even criminal charges. (The action taken is solely at the discretion of Love Horror Events & the Sacramento Horror Film Festival.)

The sorts of things that may trigger such action include fighting (fake or real), heckling, impeding traffic flow, offensive behavior, failure to observe basic hygiene, public inebriation (or similar intoxication), or any other failure to follow the rules and directions of staff members. Remember, anything illegal outside the convention is illegal inside the convention. If your behavior is clearly problematic, we will deal with it as a problem. Show common courtesy to your fellow attendees, and follow the rules, and there’s no problem.


Line Etiquette

With so many people attending, waits in lines may last much longer than you’d expect. We know that this is frustrating, but it is sometimes unavoidable. Please do not take it out on other attendees or the staff, and please remember that following the directions of staff members will make the lines smoother for everyone!

Members caught jumping in line will be sent to the rear of the line. You will not be allowed to hold places in line. Lines cannot block entrances or exits, so leave a gap in front of the door.


Cameras at Sinister Creature Con

The usage of photographic devices is prohibited within certain areas of the convention, including the viewing room and the gaming room (if applicable).

  • Prohibited devices include, but are not limited to, cameras (both film and digital), camera phones, and camcorders

  • Photography within the Artists Alley is at the discretion of the individual artist. Permission must be obtained from the artist for photography of any kind.

Events that allow photography will be marked as such.


Photographing Guests at Sinister Creature Con

Sinister Creature Con’s guests have the right to maintain their privacy. Convention members may be asked to refrain from photographing guests if the guests would prefer to not have their picture taken. Guests will join con-goers for a photo opportunity if they choose to have their picture taken.  When stopping to take photographs in the hallways, please be considerate of your fellow members by being brief and not blocking traffic.


Children at Sinister Creature Con

A parent or guardian must accompany all children under the age of 12 at all times.

Children are required to carry some form of written identification and parent/guardian contact information with them at all times so that Sinister Creature Con staff may contact the parents or guardians should the need arise.  THERE IS NO CONVENTION-WIDE PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT SYSTEM.  We are unable to page you or your child if he/she becomes lost.


Here are some suggestions for keeping your children safe.

  • First and foremost, please do not leave your child unattended at Sinister Creature Con.  As mentioned before, we are expecting thousands of people to attend the convention. It’s easy for a young child to get lost in a crowd this large.

  • Make sure your child knows important information, such as your name, what you are wearing, what hotel you are staying at (if any), a cellular phone number, and a home phone number. If a child is lost, we will make every attempt to contact you through this information.

  • It is a good idea to set up meeting places and times for children older than 12. Sinister Creature Con suggests that you do not use the following locations as meeting areas: the Vendors Room, as it is constantly crowded and very large; or the video viewing rooms because they are dark and also fairly large. We do suggest using landmarks.

In the case that you cannot find your child at your designated meeting place and cannot establish contact, please notify the Sinister Creature Con Information Desk.  Sinister Creature Con wishes you and your children a safe and happy convention!

18+ Policy

There are certain panels at Sinister Creature Con that are designated as 18+. Attendees who wish to view these panels must be at least 18 years old. Please have identification ready at the door.

Weapons at Sinister Creature Con

Weapons NOT Permitted at Sinister Creature Con include, but are not limited to the following:

  • NO LIVE STEEL at all will be permitted on the premises of the convention.Live steel is defined as:

    • Swords, bayonets, and knives (regardless of whether or not they are sheathed)

    • Star knives and shurikens

    • Metal armor, including chainmail

    • Other objects made of metal, which can take an edge. This holds true regardless of whether the object is actually sharp.

    • Metal studs or chains on costumes or other metal components of costumes/props may also be subject to approval by Sinister Creature Con.

  • NO GUNS OR PROJECTILE LAUNCHERS OF ANY KIND will be permitted. Examples include, but are not limited to:

    • Airsoft guns, any and all kinds, regardless of whether or not it is functional. A non-functional airsoft gun with no moving parts is still an airsoft gun.

    • BB guns and pellet guns

    • Bows*, Crossbows, dart guns, and blowguns (* Prop bows with no string may be permitted but must be cleared by security first.)

    • Functional water guns or water pistols

    • Stun guns and tasers

    • The ONLY exception to this rule will be prop guns or resin models that are easily identifiable as toys, provided that they possess no moving parts and are clearly marked with a non-removable orange tip.

  • NO “PADDLES,” of any sort will be permitted at the convention.

    • This includes, but is not limited to Yaoi/Yuri Paddles.

  • NO NUNCHAKU of any kind will be permitted.

  • NO EXPLOSIVES or CHEMICALS of any kind including, but not limited to:

    • smoke powder, sparklers, or fireworks of any kind

  • Finally, if it is illegal outside in the City of Sacramento and/or State of California, it is illegal inside the convention.

Illegal weapons will be reported to the appropriate authorities.


Weapons Permitted

  • Staves, bo sticks, boken, shinai, and wooden swords will be permitted as long as they are handled responsibly and meet all other criteria.

  • Fake, prop, or made-up weapons (i.e. made of tissue paper, plaster of Paris, cloth) are permitted if they are safe and not dangerous to others around you.

  • Examples of dangerous conditions include, but are not limited to, items that may trip others, items that can snag on people or surroundings, items that obstruct doors and hallways.

  • Prop weapons shall be limited to less than six feet, six inches (6’6″) in height and less than fifty pounds (50lbs) in weight.

  • Any metal chains are to be less than three feet (3’) in length. This includes, but is not limited to chain wallets or any non-costume chains as well.


Behavior with Weapons/Props

  • Misuse of a weapon or prop, such as swinging it in a public area or posing a hazard to others, will result in the weapon or prop being deemed unsafe for the convention, and you will be asked to remove the item from the convention area.

  • Any weapon (including Airsoft guns) purchased in the Vendors Room must be boxed and removed from convention area immediately, and should remain boxed and stored in your private quarters or vehicle.

  • All props and weapons brought into the convention may be inspected and either approved or rejected by Sinister Creature Con staff, including those that may have had prior approval.

  • Any item that poses a potential safety hazard may need to be removed from the convention.

  • This includes any costume, prop, or accessory that obstructs doors or hallways, or otherwise poses any kind of danger to other attendees, staff, or convention center property.

  • When in doubt, check with Sinister Creature Con staff. Also please note that just because a staff member has not stopped you to check your item does not mean that the item is allowed

All decisions made by Sinister Creature Con and/or the Public Safety Staff of the venue are final.

Peace Bonding Policy

It is Sinister Creature Con’s goal to provide a safe convention. We require that all weapons, costume props, and any costume item that could be considered a weapon be taken to the peace bonding table for inspection upon entering the convention. If you purchase an item (s) that you would like to use as a prop for your costume that could be considered a weapon or dangerous (*see weapons policy) then you are required to clear it through peace bonding.

We do not allow concealed weapons. Your cosplay weapon may be zip-tied into the holster or sheath and may not be removed during the convention. All props and weapons must be certified regardless of whether or not they were peace bonded at a different convention or at a previous Sinister Creature Con.

Sinister Creature Con’s peace bonding station is there to ensure safety for all attendees in regards to the use of all weapons and/or props. Though we are not enforcing all the rules other conventions have, we have rules and guidelines for you to better understand our policy:

Peace Bonding Guidelines

  • The effectiveness, or ineffectiveness, of the item or the skill, or lack of skill, of the person in possession of the item is irrelevant when determining whether or not it is a weapon.

  • All weapons & props must be approved at the peace bonding table upon entering the convention.

  • If you purchase a weapon or prop such as: swords, knives, stars, air soft guns, plastic pellet guns, gun blades, wooden katanas, Kendo sticks, etc. and you intend to carry it around the convention as a prop you need to take it to peace bonding to have it approved.

  • If you do not intend to use it as a prop, we would appreciate it if you kept it in the packaging and placed it in your vehicle or hotel room. 

Guests and Autograph Policy

We understand that getting autographs from our guests is a major highlight of the convention for many attendees, not just because it’s a fantastic souvenir, but also because it’s a chance for that tiny bit of face time with the guest. Guests, too, value that rare opportunity to meet some of their fans.  However, demand often outweighs supply, especially for very popular guests. Even the speediest and most accommodating guest can only sign so many things in a given period of time. In order to give the greatest number of fans the opportunity to meet the guest, we MUST keep the lines moving smoothly.


Sinister Creature Con’s official, scheduled autographing sessions are governed by the following rules:

  • Sinister Creature Con does not and cannot guarantee that you will receive an autograph from any particular guest.

  • Guests will always be glad to sign your Sinister Creature Con's program book, as well as any officially licensed and properly credited products. They absolutely will NOT sign bootleg or unlicensed merchandise, nor material for which they are not properly credited. At their sole discretion, they may sign handmade, personal, or otherwise unusual items. If you are uncertain about a particular item, check first! (Guests may be offended if they’re presented with bootleg items.) As a last resort, check with the staffer in charge of the session. Sinister Creature Con staff may veto any item as unsuitable for signing, and such decisions are final.

  • Unless a specific limit is posted for a particular guest, assume that you are limited to ONE ITEM PER PERSON.

  • There will be no flash photography during official signing sessions, unless otherwise noted.

  • There will be no photo ops during official signing sessions, unless otherwise noted.

  • Do not monopolize the guest’s time if there are others waiting. (Assume that whatever you have to say must be said in 30 seconds or less, while the guest is signing your item. It’s a good idea to write down what you want to say.)

  • Do not request excessive personalization, sketches, etc. unless the guest offers.

  • If you are bringing an item for the guest to sign, please have it ready for signing when you are within sight of the guest. (For CDs and DVDs, you should remove the cover insert to save time; for unusual items, please ask the autograph staff for their recommendations.)

  • Policies for specific guests may differ.

  • Sinister Creature Con staff reserve the right to refuse access to any attendee who fails to follow the rules (or attempts to circumvent them). Anyone caught in the act is subject to the disruptive behavior policy, and risks having their registration revoked.


Sinister Creature Con staff reserve the right to make changes to guests policies as circumstances dictate. If you have a question about policy, please see the Sinister Creature Con staffer in charge of the guest appearance or signing. All staff rulings are final.


Notes and Gifts for Guests

If you’ve brought something special for the guest, such as a personal note or small gift, we ask that you follow certain guidelines for practical and safety reasons. Most guests appreciate these small gestures, but many gifts cannot be accepted.

  • Please ensure that you provide the name of the guest, as well as your own name and contact information, either written on the outside of the message or attached clearly to the outside of the gift.

  • Please do not wrap your gift using tape or tie it using ribbon; however, a gift bag or simple tissue paper cover is acceptable. (We must be able to screen all gifts.)

  • Avoid anything large or bulky or easily damaged. Most guests fly quite a distance to appear at SacAnime, and may have limited space in their luggage. Any gifts you bring should be small, durable, and easily packed.

  • No food items will be accepted.

  • No items that intentionally contain HUMAN DNA will be accepted. (Blood, skin, or hair…)

  • If you have an item to present as a gift at any guest appearance, please bring it first to the Sinister Creature Con staff member in charge of the appearance.

                - ​​DO NOT use Q & A time during a guest’s panel to present your gift to the guest; this is extremely rude and unfair to    

                   the other people who came to hear the guest speak.

                - DO NOT use autograph time to present your gift without first clearing it with the staff member in charge, as this may deny others the opportunity to get to meet the guest.

                - You may be asked to wait until the end of the session, or the staffer may accept the gift in order to present it to the                          guest on your behalf. (Rest assured, your gift will be given to the guest on your behalf – that’s why we request your contact information on every gift.)


Tips for Interacting With Guests:

1.If you’re going to ask a question, write it down first. It’s easy to become flustered if you’re not used to public speaking or if you’re about to talk to someone you really admire. Writing down what you want to say helps you to organize your thoughts so you don’t waste everyone’s time or embarrass yourself.

2.Every guest at the con is someone who has a cool job that they’re quite good at. It isn’t necessary to worship the ground they walk on – just be friendly and polite.

3.Remember that guests get tired, too, and they’re entitled to downtime. If you encounter a guest outside the con, try to make eye contact before you approach them, and look for a signal that it’s okay to chat. Please don’t interrupt meals or private conversations.

4.Try to avoid asking questions that the guest has answered a hundred times. And if you come late to a panel, find out whether a question has already been answered before you waste everyone’s time. Don’t ask questions that are answered in the guest’s bio, homepage, or Wikipedia entry.


  • Write down whatever it is you want to say.

  • Ask one question, and then give the next person a turn.

  • Be BRIEF, and speak clearly.

  • Tell them you like their work, and why.

  • Ask interesting questions about past, current, and upcoming projects.

  • Ask open-ended questions.

  • Ask about favorite hobbies, shared interests, etc.


  • Ask them questions that are answered in their Wikipedia entry or Sinister Creature Con bio.

  • Ask questions that can be answered with a Yes or No.

  • Ask for hugs, kisses, or their hand in marriage.

  • Ask for autographs or other favors.

  • Ask your question in the guest’s native language if you are not fluent in that language.

  • Ask deeply personal or invasive questions.


Photographs and Promotional Material Policy

Participants in Sinister Creature Con, Sacramento Horror Film Festival, Amber's Sweets Events, or other SacConvention events are granting their permission to be photographed or recorded by authorized Sacramento Horror Film Festival & SacConvention photographers. By purchasing your registration you inherently grant the Sacramento Horror Film Festival and SacConvention permission to use such images or footage for archival or promotional purposes.

No Refund Policy

There are no refunds offered with purchase.  Indicated with each ticket purchase, you agree to our no refund policy with the purchase of a Sinister Creature Con or related event ticket/pass.  Exhibitors also have agreed through the application process that tables are transferable and non-refundable.

Cancellation / Postponement / Discounted Registration/ Exhibitor Registration Policy
We reserve the right to cancel or postpone Sinister Creature Con or related event(s) in our sole discretion. If we cancel or postpone Sinister Creature Con or related event(s), we will use reasonable efforts to reschedule the cancelled or postponed Sinister Creature Con or related event(s) to within twelve (12) months from its original start date. Registration fees paid by registrants for a cancelled or postponed Sinister Creature Con shall be applicable to the rescheduled Sinister Creature Con on a dollar for dollar basis only. In the event Love Horror Events elects not to reschedule the cancelled Sinister Creature Con or event, registrant will be offered a refund. If this occurs, our responsibility is limited to a refund of any registration fee(s) already paid. Love Horror Events is not responsible for airline tickets, hotels costs, other tickets or payments, or any similar fee penalties or related or unrelated losses, costs and/or expenses registrant may incur or have incurred as a result of any trip cancellations or changes. 

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