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Featured Tattoo Artist - Joshua Hibbard

An accomplished artist who ran two successful studios in California, Joshua Hibbard has established a solid reputation for infusing realism into large-scale conceptual pieces. Skilled with objects and portraits, he adds depth to his design, aesthetic techniques that accentuate the unique contours and natural lines of each dynamic human canvas. Joshua has developed and refined artistic techniques that enhance details and generate striking visual effects. Experienced with a broad range of artistic mediums including oil paint, pencil and charcoal, Joshua gains inspiration from his clients and views each new project as an opportunity to display a feeling, convey a sentiment, capture an emotion or preserve a memory.


Joshua Hibbard opened his shop, Inspired Tattoo, in Portland Oregon and is a featured artist at Sinister Creature Con, October 17th & 18th, 2015 in Sacramento, CA.


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