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Featured Guest - Felissa Rose

Felissa Rose grew up in New York always wanting to perform. At the age of 13, she landed the role of Angela, the transvestite murderer, in the cult film Sleepaway Camp (1983). At the age of 17, she applied for early admission to New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and was admitted that fall. Attending The Lee Strasberg institute, she began formal training as a serious actress.Performing in plays around Manhattan put her hard work to the test. Felissa played Denise Savage in Savage in "Limbo," Karen in "Phone Sex," Renée in David Henry Hwang's "M.Butterfly," Willie in "This Property is Condemned," Desdemona in William Shakespeare's "Othello," and many more. Film work includes Woody Allen's Another Woman (1988), Pain and Suffering, The Night We Never Met (1993), and MTV's The Party Phone Series opposite Adam Sandler.In 2003 Felissa returned to the horror genre that had started her career. Felissa starred in the 2003 films Zombiegeddon, Scary Tales: The Return of Mr. Longfellow and Horror. After a successful return the genre Felissa continued to build her status in the horror community. Felissa has been quoted in saying 'The internet brought me back'. Felissa spoke about how Sleepaway Camp found an entirely new audience when people began forming fan groups online, and then asked 'whatever happened to Angela?'. Felissa is an avid horror fan in her personal life and relished the challenge of returning and working in the genre.In 2004 Felissa stared in : Corpses Are Forever, Brothuh of Cerebral Print, A Cerebral Print Halloween Special , NYC Halloween Parade.2005 saw Felissa flourish in the genre appearing in: Dead Things, Cerebral Print: The Secret Files , Slaughter Party , Dead Serious and New York's Village Halloween Parade 2005. Felissa's fanbase in the horror world was growing with each film she completed. Earning her title as a modern day Scream Queen.In 2006 - 2007 Felissa continued to build on her successful horror /acing career appearing in bigger indie hits like: Satan's Playground, Under Surveillance, Evil Ever After, Trite This Way, and Sludge.2008 - 2010 Felissa began to appear more and more in cult indie horror cinema. Appearing in the slashitastic genre movies: Dead and Gone , Psycho Sleepover , Caesar and Otto's Summer Camp Massacre, Silent Night, Zombie Night, Deadly Little Christmas and Dahmer vs. Gacy.During 2008 Felissa returned to the franchise that launched her career in Sleepaway Camp's fourth instalment: Return to Sleepaway Camp. This was Felissa first appearance in the series since her debut role in 1983. She returned to play her infamous role as Angela Baker the franchises serial killer.Felissa not only returned but most of the original cast joined this production. This film brought Felissa back to the A list in the horror community.Like before, Felissa still managed to captivate horror audiences by appearing in an number of other horror movies throughout 2011 - 2013 such as: Breath of Hate , Poe , Dropping Evil , Caesar and Otto's Deadly Xmas and The Perfect House. During his time Felissa also took a break from the world of Horror movies and starred in multitude of other genre films such as: Shy of Normal: Tales of New Life Experiences , Destination Fame , Aliens vs. A-holes , I Was a Teenage Suicide and Awesome Girl Gang Street Fighter.In 2014 Felissa starred alongside legendary horror actors Danielle Harris and Eric Roberts. They starred in Camp Dread the premise of the film is: The "Summer Camp" horror trilogy was one of the most popular franchises of the 1980s. However, the decade ended and so did director/writer Julian Barrett's career. Now Barrett has a plan to resurrect "Summer Camp" in a modern reboot that entails using a reality show as its template and source of fundraising. Should it succeed Barrett would once again be at the helm. Bringing together an eclectic group of young "contestants" as well as his former stars Rachel Steele and John Hill, Barrett seems to have put together a sure fire recipe for success. Then people start dying. For real.2015 Felissa joined the star studded cast of 'Zombie Killers' an apocalyptic zombie creature feature. The movie stars Billy Zane, Mischa Barton and Dee Wallace.

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