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Featured Artist - Aubriana Zurilgen

Originally from Central California, Aubriana Zurilgen grew up in the heart of nature, surrounded by wildlife. She brought her enthusiasm for nature with her when she migrated down to Southern California to attend Laguna College of Art and Design, earning a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts, double majoring in iIllustration and Animation. Leveraging her talent for sculpting and her love of nature to design life like creatures and astounding monsters of all types, she started her career early at Knotts Berry Farm. Where she designed, sculpting and produced creature masks, props and thematic environments. Her talents quickly carried her to other projects at other effects shops.


She brought her expertise with her to MastersFX, working on such projects as; True Blood, Grim, Hemlock Grove and other productions for film and television. All while simultaneously working at Steve Wang’s/Alliance Studios to bring legendary video gam characters to life, with work on Tyriel from the Diablo Franchise, Firefall and League of Legends.


With an ever expanding skill set, from sculpting, casting and prop production to leather working, costuming and fabrication; making her an invaluable asset on many productions. Her portfolio includes work on a wide variety of projects, such as the famous web series "The Adventures of the League of STEAM,” fabrication at Universal Studios, sculpting at Total Fabrication and many other production through out Southern California and beyond.


Always striving to expand her talents and bring additional levels of immersion and realism to the projects she works on, Aubriana is a veritable swiss army knife of practical effects and costuming.


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