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Featured Guest - Wednesday Mourning

Wednesday Mourning hails from San Antonio, a large yet conservative city in Texas. Her obsession with the strange and unusual started at a young age and was both supported and shared by her mother, a well known local artist. Her formative years were spent in art galleries surrounded by bohemians and other creative types. As a voracious reader her interests included gothic novels, fantasy, science fiction, and mythology. An obsession with all things dark and esoteric started at quite a young age. Her first pets were a black cat, a tarantula and a melanistic Kingsnake named Mordecai. An early curiosity in science resulted in a microscope kit as a gift and several trips outside hunting for dead things to study. An interest in history also developed – one summer was spent in the library deciphering a line of hieroglyphs on a stone that her grandfather brought back from Egypt. Hoping that a great mystery was going to be revealed it was nothing more than the family name etched onto a rock for tourists. Most of her school years were spent in various private schools that did not appreciate her bizarre interests. This schooling did, however, create a deep interest in theology and cabalistic practices that still fascinate her today.The name Wednesday Mourning (not her birth name) came about from the Victorian nursery rhyme “Monday’s Child”. It derives from the tradition of fortune telling by birth. It was believed that one could tell the child’s disposition by the day the child was born on. In this example “Wednesday’s child is full of Woe.” It would be bad luck to have a child on (or name a child) that ill fated day. Although she was not a woeful child, Wednesday’s preoccupation with death and seemingly depressing things resulted in this nickname. The “Mourning” part was added some time later to lighten the mood, a play on words that shows she does not take herself too seriously.As a former costume designer in New York her mother taught her how to sew and eventually her own aesthetic came forth. In her preteen years she discovered Bauhaus, which started a love affair with the Post Punk & Gothic Rock music subculture. Inspired by this music subculture, gothic novels, and Pre-Raphaelite paintings her look began to emerge. Her teenage years were spent attending Renaissance Faires, playing tabletop role playing games, and participating in LARP’s. A love of board games and social fantasy games has resulted in participating in San Francisco’s current “Urban Playground” movement such as scavengers hunts, ARG’s, and live puzzle games.For the last decade she has worked at indie bookstores and immersed herself in Victorian history and esoteric studies. Her hobby of modeling has resulted in visually expressing her interests and finding likeminded artists. She has a nomadic spirit that has led her around the country often. After spending many years in Los Angeles and Austin she has now settled in beautiful San Francisco. Currently she owns and operates an online esoteric bookstore : Orphic Vellum Books.Wednesday Mourning is a featured guest at Sinister Creature Con 2016!

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