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TERRANCE ZDUNICH (Mister Tender)“Terrance Zdunich has carved out a bona fide career for himself as a singer, songwriter,screenwriter, performer, actor, illustrator, author and all around ambassador of artfulanarchy.”( He is most known for his role as GraveRobber in REPO! THEGENETIC OPERA and as Lucifer in THE DEVIL'S CARNIVAL and ALLELUIA! THEDEVIL'S CARNIVAL, films he dreamed and spurred from script to screen. Terrance's artwork can be seen in the award-winning comic book series THE MOLTING, and his bellowing vocal cords can currently be heard in the genre-redefining AMERICANMURDER SONG, a collection of original murder ballads set in early America. For moreinfo, visit

Terrance  Album-Covers_Repo-The-Genetic-
Terrance Album-Covers_Alleluia-The-Devil
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