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Featured Artist

Lamira Herrera


Lamira has been working in special effects for nearly 13 years, beginning with doing theatrical effects at her high school. During her first year of college, she met her first mentor who owned a local fx company here in Sacramento. After learning much from him, she met another local artist who became an additional mentor. She joined the circus in Oklahoma where she learned to breath fire as well as the basics of pyrotechnics. When Lamira became homesick, she came home and decided to pursue her licensing for pyrotechnics. Not long after, she saw an opportunity to work with the Discovery Channel. After a year, and 2 seasons the show ended; and like magic she was picked up by another network, this time building props. Currently Lamira does special effects locally specializing in editorial, high fashion, special effects, and character makeup; as well as making headdress and accessories. She also still works for the network building props as an independent contractor. Lamira is also sponsored by the amazing makeup brand Nikki Starr Cosmetics. Come check her out at Sinister Con Spring 2019. 

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