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Featured Guest - Frank Dietz

Frank Dietz is a Los Angeles-based writer, producer, director, actor and artist. He starred in a series of now-cult low-budget horror films like ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE, ROCK N’ ROLL NIGHTMARE, BLACK ROSES and THE JITTERS. He wrote scripts for many independent features including NAKED SOULS and COLD HARVEST. As an animation artist, his work can be seen in such Disney films as HERCULES, MULAN, TARZAN, FANTASIA 2000, and ATLANTIS-THE LOST EMPIRE. Frank has twice won the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award for Artist Of The Year. He is currently the co-owner of Benevolent Monster Productions, creator of the award-winning documentary, BEAST WISHES, and is a founding member of the DAMN DIRTY GEEKS podcast. He most recently published a collection of his classic monster artwork, entitled "Sketchy Things: The Art of Frank Dietz," which includes introductions by Greg Nicotero and Dana Gould.


Frank Dietz is a featured guest at Sinister Creature Con, October 17th & 18th, 2015 in Sacramento, CA.


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