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Featured Artist

Air MAgic


Born and raised in El Paso Texas... Air Magic, a natural artist went through high school without art classes until he reached college. Air Magic set his mind on art & graphic design and the rest became

history. In class, he met a co-artist PT who introduced him to his first airbrush. With his passion in art, metal

music and live bands, Air Magic naturally migrated to the California bay area where he started his career in the

print graphic design world while continuing his airbrush business and pursued other ventures.


Air Magic opened his own successful storefront in the Fairfield mall where he showcased his art for all to see. Air Magic has found

his home in Sacramento, CA where he thrives in his business and art while enjoying the wide array of metal

concerts northern California offers. Air Magic has found a niche in his beautiful portraits. His portraits are in high demand and is currently showcasing classic horror portraits of the most famous ghouls such as Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Bela Lugosi as the Vampire, and others from the black and white era. Please make sure to stop by his booth to interact as he loves to have people watch him airbrush, especially the younger minds.


Air Magic has devoted time to teaching children about art and its magic... Air Magic!

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