Contest Rules & Guidelines

1. All contestants must be registered Sinister Creature Con attendees to participate in the Cosplay Event Day of convention.

2. This is a family friendly convention! This means that all costumes must be secure with no chance of “slippage”.

3. Store/online bought costumes are eligible for the Novice award. This is where you if you are a first-time cosplayer made part of your costume or bought it. We want to see you shine!


4. Anyone who wishes to participate who is under the age of 14 must have a Legal parent or guardian sign them up and sign a release waiver.


5. Youths under the age of 10 must go on stage with their parent or have their parent waiting right off the stage.


6. To be eligible for more advanced awards 85% of the costume must be made.


7. For group cosplays to be eligible everyone needs to be in a costume and be participating in the cosplay.


8. All props, costumes must be taken on and off stage by the contestants. Do not leave a mess or you will have points docked from your total score.


9. Judges reserve the right to change the category you are placed in.


10. There will be no skits or presentations, this is strictly walk on contest.


11. Please keep a safe distance, be respectful and consider peoples wishes of space.


Thank you!


Awards for Sinister Creature Con:


We are limited categories for this show only, Safety First.

· Best in Show

· Novice Costume

· Intermediate Costume

· Advanced Costume

· Best Youth Costume

· Makeup/Prosthetics

· Judges Awards


Meet Your Masters of Ceremonies

Redd FaFilth, the GoTHICCC Non-Binary sensation from San Francisco, California.

Known for their killer makeup looks, nerdy pop-culture cosplays, and insane spooky-ooky energy! Drag has always been a huge influence on their life and dressing up as their favorite characters has been an obsession since they were a kid. After 6 years of professional Cosplay and 4 years of Drag, this Queen was crowned MX Queen of 2020, and has won numerous Cosplay awards. Follow them on all social media platforms @ReddFaFilth and get ready to be SHOOK!

Redd Fafilth.png


A fun loving Cosplayer, traveler, and energetic Master of Ceremonies. Alison has always enjoyed the craft and passion people bring to their cosplays and loves to aid in showcasing them in all Costume contests.  She has traveled all over California to different Conventions and enjoys making new friends and memories."


Meet Your Judges

Mercury Rising an eclectic unconventionally creative drag entertainer has been Sacramento City’s number 1 drag queen 3 years running. With an eye for good talent, a mind for good business and the will to party until the sun comes up, a good time is guaranteed to be had when this crazy diva steps onto the scene! 

Haphazard Hatters is a group made up of two cosplay sisters: October Willow and Wynsom Rose. They started cosplaying in 2011 and Willow began making full cosplays in 2014. Since then, they have made over 100 cosplays based on animes, horror, video games, and other pop culture. They are always looking for a new challenge and have a passion for details and bring a character to life.

Haphazard Hatters.png

Frankie Vanity comes to Sinister Creature Con as Cosplay Director and Judge with 16 years of cosplay and public relations experience in Comic, Anime and Event Coordinating. She was a costume design for over 25 years in theater, independent film, and haunted houses. She has a Sacramento Ellie Nomination under her belt for Best Costumes for Equus at The Show Below (now The William J Geery Theater). Most well know for her Daphne Blake costume that she has been cosplaying for 16 years, she is now enjoying this new journey into the horror side.

The Cosplay Director

Frankie Team.png

The Cosplay Team

Team 2.png


Mercury Rising.png
Frankie Vanity.png